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The “Disturbed” Time-Magnitude Distribution of the Arkalochori (Crete, Greece) Sequence

The September 27, 2021, M5.9 Arkalochori (Crete) earthquake was preceded by an intense seismic activity, which started in June 2021 around what turned out to be the epicentral area of a quite damaging event. Soon after the M5.9 earthquake, aftershocks initiated as expected, although their spatial distribution with respect to the epicenter of the largest […]

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New Data to Study Possible Dependencies of Ground Shaking on Weather and Climate

In July 2021, the Geophysics Laboratory of our Department participated in an expedition in Argostoli, Cephalonia, with colleagues from CEA Cadarache (FR), the Institute of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (ITSAK) and Ionian University, with the aim to install a meteorological station and a soil moisture meter in the proximity of the ARGONET seismological infrastructure. […]

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Update: Thiva microseismicity

Spatiotemporal evolution of the ongoing microseismic activity in Thiva (C. Greece). The activated area keeps expanding, more notably toward southeast of Thiva.

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