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Victoria Daskalou
Computer and Informatics Scientist, Ph.D

Since June 2014, I am a member of the Department of Economics of the University of Patras, as a special teaching staff. Since 1996 I’m working hard for the digital transformation of Greek Universities: as a senior researcher at the Network Operation Center of the Athens University of Economics and Business (1996-2011), as the head of the R &D and elearning group of the Network Operations Center of the University of Patras (2001-2007), as the technical coordinator of e-government projects at the Directorate of Network and Information Systems of the University of Patras (2007-2014), and recently as a member of the Committee for the digital plan and the simplification of administrative procedures of the Greek Ministry of Education.

My current research interests focus on e-learning and digital entrepreneurship.

Photo: Paliovouna mountain (view from my office), more Upatras photos.