Hey, I’m Niki, I used to work in the Human-Computer Interaction Education sector and now I work in Education, teaching creative storytelling, and project-work at the University of Patras, Greece. I managed to get through difficult situations in life, personal and family crises, and 2 country crises (the Greek crisis and Brexit) as well as the Greek wildfires at Ancient Olympia in 2021. Gerhard Righter said that Art is the ultimate form of Hope. So I write inspiring hero’s journeys, in short, feature, and long-form stories to convey hope, balance and catharsis.

The city of Patras suffered the most during the Greek crisis. Even after 10 years, a high percentage of young people are still unemployed. So I decided to start producing my stories, engaging young local talent in film production. Actively engaged in film production, and following the hero’s journey on our screens, we vicariously learn how to overcome difficulties and thrive.

The impact of your contribution is enormous and multifaceted.  Your contributions will help the local young talents to advance. They will also be used for makeup, costume design and hair, rent professional cameras and audio equipment, cover transportation and catering, lighting, and post-production services such as editing and music composition, all created by young local talents, and university students. And lastly, they will be used for film festival submissions.

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